self-preservation is the first law of nature

Cf. CICERO De Finibus IV. x. 25 primamque ex natura hanc habere appetitionem, ut conservemus nosmet ipsos, by nature our first impulse is to preserve ourselves.

a 1631 DONNE Biathanatos (1646) I. ii. It is onely upon this reason, that selfe-preservation is of Naturall Law.

1675 [MARVELL] Complete Poems (1872) I. 439 Self-preservation, Nature’s first great Law.

1681 DRYDEN Spanish Friar IV. ii. Self-preservation is the first of Laws:..When Subjects are oppress’d by Kings, They justifie Rebellion by that Law.

1821 SCOTT Pirate I. v. Triptolemus..had a reasonable share of that wisdom which looks towards self-preservation as the first law of nature.

1952 ‘A. A. FAIR’ Top of Heap xvii. Loyalty is a fine thing..but self-preservation is the first law of nature.

1975 P. D. JAMES Black Tower vii. What it amounted to was that he’d do a great deal for dear Maggie but that self-preservation was the first law of nature.

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